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Rubber market demand outlook

Rubber market demand outlook

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As the situation in North Africa has eased, the supply of crude oil will gradually recover, conducive to the long-term development of the global economy, but also help to reduce the risk of hedging. U.S. stocks rose slightly, reflecting a slight recovery in investor confidence. However, the economic outlook is still not optimistic, the German domestic opposition to the rescue plan to affect the resolution of the European debt crisis, and China's tightening strategy to curb inflation has not changed, demand is difficult to recover. The external situation has some pressure on the rubber market. China's domestic stock levels are low, while imports have not been followed up, indicating traders worried about the tense situation in the future, the lack of hoarding momentum. Weather forecasts show that rainfall in Southeast Asia is normal and supplies continue to rise and sellers pressure increases. As China is still likely to raise interest rates, car consumption is likely to decline and demand for tyres will slow. On the other hand, demand in the US and Japan is better than expected, and the potential shortfall in China's stock market is still supporting the market. The rubber market is not going down sharply.