Natural rubber raw materials supply tyres to rise in price

Natural rubber production can not keep up demand of domestic tire market has gradually Chinese prices Michelin said no price adjustment plan

The day before, China Association of global natural rubber production (ANRPC) said that the next few years, the natural rubber supply would have been very nervous.

Japan's Kyodo News reported yesterday that the tire giant Bridgestone and Michelin said that in September, Japan will put the truck and bus tires shipping prices increased by 10%.

Reported that the main reason for the rise in tire prices, China and other emerging market countries demand expansion, while fuel and raw materials prices remain high. Price range is expected to further expand.

Domestic tire prices have been in the tens of dollars, the highest 100 yuan

At the beginning of the year, the international tire market set off a wave of price increases and spread to china.

Almost all of the world's major tire manufacturers have introduced price increases, with prices ranging from almost 5% to 10%.

In December 1st last year, North American truck replacement price increase, in February 1st this year, Michelin once again increased its North American passenger car and light truck tire prices.

In mid December last year, Bridgestone will also be sold in the market Chinese tire prices by 4%.

Continental tire also announced that since 2011, when the market in China for improving commercial vehicle tire prices, the average increase was 5%.

Some of the media reports, found in Beijing Xiaowuji Auto City and Shibalidian Auto Parts City survey day before, from the beginning of last month, notify each big brand tire dealers have gradually received manufacturers on tire prices, the increase rate of the first hundred dollars in tens of dollars.

"Almost all brands of tires have risen in price."!" A person in charge of the sale of tires said. Since March this year, HANKOOK, Kumho, Michelin, ZhengXin, horse brand and other brands of tires began to rise, not a magnitude.

Morning, Michelin Chinese PR department official said in "Legal Evening News" interview with reporters, earlier this year, the domestic Michelin tire had risen over the price, now the company's products there is no price adjustment plan.

The official further said that as the tire companies, raw material prices will certainly have cost pressures, but the company can be through the new technical innovation, optimize production process, improve production efficiency and other ways to reduce costs, not because of a price of raw materials, and immediately transferred to the products and consumers.

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Natural rubber supplies will not keep up for the next 7 years

21 this month, China Association of global natural rubber production, because of the natural rubber production of several important producer growth can not meet global tire manufacturers demand global natural rubber supply situation at least for the next 7 years.

Members of the global association of natural rubber producers supply 92% of the world's rubber.

Over the past year, the limited growth in natural rubber supplies has boosted Tokyo's natural rubber futures price by 47%, which has raised the cost of global tire manufacturers.

Data show that the natural rubber production association members of global natural rubber production, next year this year from 9 million 900 thousand tonnes to 10 million 300 thousand tonnes in 2015 and 2018, respectively, is expected to rise to 12 million tons and 13 million 400 thousand tons.

However, with the increasing demand for tire manufacturers, by 2020, the consumption of tires will reach 15 million 400 thousand tons, while the shortage of natural rubber will be expanded to more than 100 tons.

China, the world's largest consumer of natural rubber, expects natural rubber to reach 3 million 500 thousand tons this year, an increase of 6.1% over last year.

The rubber industry association of India said this week that the natural rubber supply shortage of the world's second largest consumer of India will increase with the increase in car sales, is expected to natural rubber demand gap this year from 175 thousand tons to 840 thousand tons in 2020.

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