Equipped with standard rules appliances for labor protection

Equipped with standard rules appliances for labor protection

In order to guide the employer with a reasonable and proper use of protective equipment, the protection of workers in the production process of the health and safety, to ensure safety in production, the State Economic and Trade Commission on the basis of the "People's Republic of China labor law", "organization has equipped with the standard of labor protection articles (Trial)", please seriously implement.

Compilation of the standard (Trial Implementation) of labor protective equipment and related problems:

This standard is based on the labor law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, in order to further strengthen the management of labor protection products, and ensure the safety and health of workers in the process of labor.

Two. This standard applies to all enterprises, enterprises and individual economic organizations in People's Republic of China. The labor protection articles stipulated in this standard refer to the necessary articles provided by the employing units in the course of labor so as to protect the safety and health of the workers. The employer shall guide and urge the workers to use it correctly in their work.

Three, the State implements the system of safe production license for special labor insurance products. The special labor protection articles purchased, issued and used by the employing units must have a safety production license, a product qualification certificate and a safety appraisal certificate.

Four, the employer shall establish and improve labor protection products procurement, acceptance, storage, distribution, use, replacement, scrap and other management systems. Safety department should purchase insurance products for approval.

Five, those who engage in a variety of operations or work in a variety of working environment, should be based on their main types of work and labor environment equipped with labor insurance supplies. If the labor insurance equipment provided does not apply in other job or in other labor environment, other labor protection articles shall be allocated or borrowed.

Six, this standard will be made of canvas, yarn, cashmere, leather, rubber, plastic, latex gloves and other materials are collectively referred to as "gloves", the employer should according to the actual needs of workers cutting prevention, grinding, burning, burning, freezing, shock, static, corrosion, flooding and damage in the operation to. Equipped with different protective properties and material gloves.

Seven, insulation gloves and insulation shoes in addition to regular replacement, but also should be done before each use insulation performance inspection, and every six months to do insulation performance retest.

Eight, production, management, scheduling, security, security inspection and internships, foreign visitors and other personnel, should be based on their regular entry into the production area, equipped with appropriate labor protection supplies.

Nine, construction, bridges, ships, industrial installation and other places of work must be set up as required safety nets, operators in accordance with different operating conditions, reasonably choose and wear the appropriate kind of seat belts.

Ten, considering a job in different enterprises may have different environment and different actual working time and different labor intensity differences and provincial climate environment, economic conditions, the standard of the provisions of the various types of insurance products with species is the lowest with the standard, not specific provisions of labor insurance products using the term, by the provincial production safety management departments in the formulation of the provincial standard, according to the actual situation of the issuance of the necessary labor supplies, and specified period of use.

Eleven, for non listed standards of work, the provincial safety production comprehensive management departments in the formulation of the province's standards, should be based on the actual situation with the provisions of labor insurance products.

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