Tianjin Shuang’an Labor Protection Rubber Company was founded in 1956, was built in Tianjin, China, is China early in the labor protection products specialized factories. More than 50 years professional experience in manufacturing and sales of products throughout China, and some products are exported to the international market. Labor protection products in China in terms of scale of operation in the industry or in the degree of specialization are in a leading position.

Tianjin Shuang’an Labor Protection Rubber Company has more advanced systems research and development institutions and complete testing equipment, all products are in accordance with relevant international standards, national standards and industry standards in manufacturing, access to Chinese production licenses issued by the relevant government departments and special LA labor protection supplies safety signs, double safety care products dedicated to serving professional customers, providing our customers with a more secure and convenient services, the majority of users.

For a long time, Tianjin Shuang’an Labor Protection Rubber Company that the majority of workers to create security responsibility, continuous improvement and innovation, the production of manufactured products have been formed: live working with insulating products; insulated footwear products; mine boots series products; resistant acid series; oil products; anti-static products; PVC molded boots series products; head protection products; insulation tape, electrical insulation rubber sheet products. "Double security" brand "Golden Shield", "leaves" brand series of products has experienced 50 years of history Casting has become well-known brands of labor protection supplies industry. We will be happy to promote the professional focus, the new service concept, to create a safety and health of workers worldwide.