Warmly celebrate tianjin shuanganlaba rubber co., LTD., which is listed as the top 50 labor protection industry in China.

Warmly celebrate tianjin shuanganlaba rubber co., LTD., which is listed in the top 50 labor protection industry in China!

The selection mechanism

The selection is made up of "China's production safety association professional committee of labor protection" top 50 in 2016 to develop labor protection industry selection activities, selection of key indicators are: labor protection articles in sales, win the award, etc. According to the materials submitted by the enterprises, the top 50 enterprises in China's labor protection industry have been selected by organizing and selecting experts. In the top 50 enterprises, safety helmet, protective shoes, protective gloves and protective clothing should be the tianjin shuangan labor insurance co., LTD.

Company introduction

Tianjin shuangan labor protection rubber co., LTD., founded in 1954, is the earliest specialized manufacturer of special labor protection products in China. With 60 years of professional r&d and manufacturing experience, we have formed 9 series of protective products, such as insulation, mine, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, antistatic, etc. The company has developed a series of products for the electric work of shuangan brand, which not only makes up for the gap in the domestic market, but also receives favorable comments from foreign users.

Certificate of honor

In recent years, tianjin shuangan labbao rubber co., LTD. Has been awarded the famous brand name in tianjin since its 60th anniversary.

New product recommendations

After the efforts of our professional research and development team, we are now introducing the first 20kv all-rubber insulating shoes, all-natural rubber, high strength waterproof and insulation, and more comfortable to wear.

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Welcome to the 94th China labor protection fair

The 94th China labor protection trade fair opens at the new international expo center in pudong new Shanghai. The exhibition will last three days.

"Shuang 'an card" - the 93rd China labor insurance convention and exhibition place A17.

Tianjin shuanganlaubao rubber co., LTD participated in the 93rd China labor protection trade fair!

Tianjin shuangan company holds the 2015 staff congress

In the New Year, tianjin shuangan company held the 2015 workers' congress. The meeting began in a clear national anthem, and the two companies, all middle level, staff representative and excellent staff, attended the meeting in total of more than 70 people. Bohua rubber group company chief engineer sun shuxiang, union vice chairman zhao fushan attended the meeting.

Tianjin shuangan has won the top 50 award in China's labor insurance industry

On December 3, 2015, the labor protection professional committee of the China association for the production of safe production concluded in 2015 that the group would convene in Beijing. Zhang hongbo, deputy director of the occupational health division of the state administration of work safety, zhang hongbo, vice President of the China association for the production of safe production, and lu jingmin, secretary of the China institute of safety and production science, attended the meeting.

Tianjin shuangan company has passed ISO9001 certification

The purpose of the audit is to verify that the management system of the company conforms to the requirements of GB/t19001-2008 and its effectiveness. This work has been highly valued by the heads of various departments and actively cooperated with the successful implementation of the audit.