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Why should insulating products reduce contact with ozone?

Ozone is a gas in the atmosphere, and high concentration ozone environment in a certain environment can also exist, cases of substation room, electric power measure, because in such an environment the electrolysis of water can make produce high concentrations of ozone in the air, so in such an environment must promptly with ozone isolation rubber products, not for a long time deposit in this environment. In high concentration ozone environment makes the double bond rupture of rubber itself, its molecular structure, static stretching of rubber, rubber cracking phenomenon, make the performance of the rubber products can not play their normal and destruction, rubber products in the use of storage at the same time must avoid, heat, oxygen, light, avoid long time cause cracks to appear.


Why should the protective equipment be kept dry?

Wear insulating protection appliance in a dry condition is users must pay attention to the big problem, because the insulation protective appliances if they contain a certain amount of water, can make the volume of the insulation resistance and surface resistance value is reduced greatly. And water is a conductor, due to the presence of water dielectric insulation performance greatly reduced or even destroy the insulation, because the atoms of water Angle has a strong polar generated ion conductive performance, and there are many impurities in water, in the heat, light, electricity can occur under the action of the chemical change and generate electrical conductor, and electric properties, so keep dry insulation protection appliance, can greatly increase the safety performance and service life.


Correct "three pack" queries.

1. Boots, footwear products from the date of purchase of the three months to start the glue, the bottom, the foot, the wrong number and other quality problems, the customer must hold the purchase invoice to the purchase unit to handle the exchange.

2. The distribution unit handles the query, please contact my director of sales manager for, the reasons and fill in the inquiry, the company inspection department identified rear can go through the formalities of "3 packets" query.

3. Must be a routine inspection of products, must be tested to the national recognition of the laboratory test, and issue the test report, no certified laboratory test results cannot be as "3 packets" query.

4. Expired products, disposed products, man-made damage, and test methods shall not be used as non-quality problems, which are not in the scope of "three packages" and cannot be processed according to the query.


Double service:

The company as a professional protective equipment production unit has a professional r&d team, strong technical force, many varieties of protective equipment has been do comprehensive protection from head to foot, and be able to provide free professional rubber products to users, plastic products technical advice, for the use of various industries to provide professional advice, guarantee the customer can choose to form a complete set of products, better use of protective products to ensure the safety of the workers!


What should you pay attention to when you are required to wear antistatic protective equipment?

The environmental protection environment is mainly to prevent the electric charge flow caused by friction to form the charge accumulation causing the static induction, or causing the harm caused by the electrostatic high voltage discharge. Wear the anti-static protection product, can in a timely manner to gather charge by esd protection and earthing, at the same time can't wear fur material such as underwear and socks, because they are insulated, to prevent the human body static electricity grounding conduction.


Why does the insulation protective equipment of live work have crack after the experiment?

Insulation protection appliance in the high pressure test, because water injection height not standard or glove cuff not wetted parts not dry high pressure caused by arc between two sets of produce, and discharge in air, noise, at the same time on the air ionization, the ionization oxygen in the air into ozone, ozone concentration increased damage to rubber, made of cracks of rubber, high pressure test is a destructive test for rubber, test once a minor damage, so regulation in use must carry on the preventive test, ensure the safety of users.


What is the reason for the use of metal spheres instead of water in the national standard of high voltage insulating boots?

National standard using metal ball instead of water as a test of electrode is with international standards, the original national standard test method for demanding than foreign standards, water as the electrode for insulating boots because the water immersion test reduces the insulating properties of the insulating boots, and experiment of ozone can produce damage to rubber, and after the test is not drying can cause damage to insulation products in time, so when the test voltage, don't allow water to do in electrode, more not allowed in the preventive test is higher than the voltage of the preventive test was taken to test.


What should you pay attention to when you are working?

Electrician operations, in accordance with the provisions, shall wear insulating boots for insulation protection, but sometimes the intensity of labor increase or the high temperature weather, inadvertently body parts touch the wall or ground equipment, met also can cause electric leakage injures, so despite the wear insulating boots at work must prevent limb and the rest of the earth. In this rainy weather and wear insulating boots shoes, or wear insulating gloves, but must be equipped with necessary rain gear, prevent insulated protective devices body electric shock caused by the wet conduction, strictly speaking rainy day wear insulating equipment cannot work.


What is the relationship between test voltage and maximum usage?

The insulating protective equipment is tested only at a certain exchange rate voltage before the factory, such as 5KV low-voltage insulating shoes, and the test voltage is 5KV. The voltage is 380V between the lines. The test voltage is 13.2 times the safety factor of voltage, but the conditions and environment are different, and different countries are different. Based on the empirical formula of the United States, determine the relationship between test voltage and maximum use range, based on the empirical formula recommended by astmd120-79 in the United States: maximum use voltage = test voltage * 0.95-2000v.


Why does the insulation cover preventive test?

The use of units before use of precautionary test is the strict regulation of the power industry. Insulation protection articles 3 bag period is longer, in such a long time, due to its ageing effect or the storage environment condition such as the product itself changes, from the Angle of safety first, the user before use preventive test is a must.


What are the main indicators of insulation performance?

Insulated protective appliances (insulating boots, shoes, insulating gloves, etc.) wear the purpose is to prevent to get an electric shock, electric shock damage is mainly caused by the human body through the current, so the insulator protective performance is good or bad depends mostly on by a certain voltage, leakage current generated by the size, if leakage current is safe current numerical range is safe, on the other hand is unsafe. Insulated protection products under the precondition that a certain voltage is applied, although no breakdown is caused, too large leakage current can also cause human injury.


What is the difference between insulating boots and regular boots?

First insulating boots shoes with ordinary boots are quite different in design and in the structural design of insulating boots shoes with rubber insulation materials made of round bar, airtight insulation system insulating layer formed to protect the foot. Footwear bottoms and ordinary boots and sponge is not made of insulation materials, insulation performance is low can easily lead to leakage, leakage current over 30 ma far beyond current security, and to pursue only electrical insulating boots shoes before they leave the factory inspection, qualified rear can leave the factory, and ordinary boots without this requirement.

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